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Ending the Scandal : Improving Mental Health Treatment for Young People

"The importance of early intervention cannot be understated - there is a weight of evidence to show that the longer someone is left without support and access to treatment the worse the outcomes are"- from Scottish Labour's report

Council Tax : The SNP's Broken Promise

Scottish Labour's detailed analysis of the SNP's Broken Promise on the Abolition of the Council Tax

Public Transport : How the SNP Missed the Bus

This report is a first step from Scottish Labour in making the case for regulation, and putting passengers and communities before the interests of private companies.

Labour's Alternative Programme

The last few years in Scottish and UK politics have been dominated by the constitution. Both the UK and Scottish Governments have taken their eye off the ball as a result. The consequence has been public services starved of investment and young people not getting the support they need to get on in life. .

Childcare Provision

The SNP Government must deliver childcare that fits around the lives of working families. This report outlines how Labour would start Scotland on that journey.

Delayed Discharges

The impact of delayed discharges ripples through the whole health service. Beds are left unavailable for other patients, delaying treatment and clogging up the system.

Scrap the Act

    Proposals from James Kelly MSP to repeal the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012.

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Post-Brexit Plan for Jobs and the Economy

The impact of this momentous decision is already being felt across the country, particularly in the economy. At times of uncertainty like this, government must step up and take action to allay fears and bring stability..

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