January 2017

More than 300 vulnerable young people waited more than a year for mental health treatment, new figures have revealed.

Analysis of official health statistics by Scottish Labour shows that 315 young people waited 53 weeks or more to begin treatment for child and adolescent mental health services in the past year.

Labour branded the figures disgraceful, and said that longer waiting times for mental health services could worsen the conditions of patients.

Under the SNP there has been a 10 per cent cut in the number of educational psychologists.

Labour inequalities spokeswoman Monica Lennon said:

“These are shocking figures. No young person seeking treatment should be waiting more than a year, but more than 300 is a national scandal.

“The longer a patient has to wait for treatment the more likely it is that their condition will get worse along the way.

“Labour wants to see more than just warm words from the SNP government’s mental health strategy. A good starting place would be backing Labour’s plan for guaranteed access to a qualified counsellor for every high school in Scotland.

“It would cost a fraction of what the SNP government is committed to spending and is exactly the type of early intervention that we need to see in mental health treatment.”



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